Day 5 on the Vermont Long Trail

It rained through the night and was still raining when we woke up this morning. Poor Sissy Bear woke up several times through the night to be sure her tent would still open. She has a fear of getting stuck in the tent so she will zip and unzip the tent several times. We have to continually listen in the night to be sure she gets it zipped. We face our tent doors towards each other close enough to hear what’s going on. The bad part about last night was the rain was able to get their tent all wet inside because she opened it so many times. Tiny Turtle was not happy about it.

Sissy Bear had a rough day today. She was breaking down with wanting to go home and everything was working against her. When you wake up wet and trying to get everything packed in the rain it is hard. At one point she was standing half in the tent    and half out of the tent just staring. She looked so sad. Bo Bonzi and I looked at her and asked what was going on and that she needed to either be in or out of the tent. She looked at Bo Bonzi and just started balling and didn’t move. The tent and herself was getting soaked. Bo Bonzi then tells her to just get in the tent and get her shoes on then we will take the next step. She stops crying and agrees.

We finally had everything packed up, rain gear on, and headed down the trail. We were hitting town in about 9 miles, which was good motivation to move. We found water about half a mile from our campsite. We filtered the water and headed onward.

Less than a mile later I hear Bo Bonzi start laughing behind me, I turn around and see Sissy Bear pulling up her pants! The poor girl was hiking along the trail and her pants literally fell down around her ankles! She had her shorts under them at least! She is having a rough day!

The trail was very wet, muddy, and full of root and rock obstacles. Everything is very slick. Lots of falls and almost falls occurred. Luckily no bad injuries so far! We ate lunch on the side of the trail. We had to cut the sausage with Bo Bonzis tree trick again. We are planning to purchase a knife in town!

We made it to Prospect Rock, which had a beautiful view. We sat on the rock and enjoyed the view for a bit. It was so mesmerizing and peaceful. We then pressed on. We came to Spruce Peak. The climb up to the top was most the fun! Smiley passed us shortly after this spot and so we talked a few minutes. He was so helpful. He is staying at the Red Sled Motel  so we went ahead a booked a room as well.

We made it to Route 11/30, which is where we hitched a ride into town. A nice guy on his way to Conneticut stopped and gave us a ride to the Red Sled Motel. I do NOT recommend this place!  This place was mentioned in the guide but was over priced, dirty, and not friendly. Our room was $158. It was tiny, 2 double beds, and a bathroom I could barely move in. The toilet plumbing did not work and Bo Bonzi had to play with it in order for it to flush! No amenities such as shampoo and when Smiley and I asked if they had any, the owner gave us 2 sample packages and said he had nothing else. Sissy Bear found a bandaid under the bed and I found a stain on the pillow! Looked like a blood stain but of I course I can’t say 100% for sure. I will say it was nice to have a hot shower though!

We ordered in pizza from The Pizza House because we didn’t feel like hiking further into town. The pizza was delicious and the people were very friendly when taking the order and delivering. Two large meat lovers pizzas, order of fries, and 4 drinks cost $75.

After laying out our tents and stuff to dry where we could find room, we laid in our beds, ate our pizza, and watched Hotel Translyvania Part 2. Everyone was happy to be dry!


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