Day 8 on the Vermont Long Trail

We woke up to our beautiful view of the babbling brook. We took it easy this morning because we thought we only had 10 miles to go. The Dreamer (formerly known as Sissy Bear) was hard to wake up. Her name has changed for a couple reasons. First she daydreams on the trail and the next thing you know she is falling down. Second reason is she woke up in the shelter last night with a loud scream and saying, “I have to get out of here, they are going to get me”! Everyone in the shelter woke up but she quickly laid back down and went back to sleep. We all had a good laugh about it. The other hikers are so great about stuff! So we decided collectively her name needed to be changed. She loves the new name better than Sissy Bear!

The trail wasn’t bad to start. It had slight ups and down. We reached Bakers Peak as Shivers was heading down. She told us the trail went a different way but the blazes were heading up so we continued up! It was a rock scramble to the top but completely worth the view. We find we do he best on these rock scrambles verses slight inclines. We set on the top of the peak for a while and enjoyed the view while we had a morning snack of protein bars. I actually had great cell service and was able to send a few pictures to family and friends! It was such a wonderful spot we didn’t want to leave but we had to press on.

We reached Lost Pond Shelter and had lunch. More protein bars! Yay ­čśŽ (notice the sad face???) Honestly it’s only day 8 and it’s a chore to eat protein bars anymore. We all feel that way except for Bo Bonzi of course. He says he just eats them so fast and doesn’t even taste them anymore. My advice to other hikers on food so far is to pack a variety of meals! Protein bars are excellent to take because they are light weight and lots of calories. The body needs protein to help rebuild. The downside is they get old fast!

Dabba Do caught up with us at the Lost Shelter! He got behind in the rain and we had not seen him for the past 5 days! It was great to catch up with him. He packed in smore stuff in anticipation of hopefully catching us! We told him we were heading to the next shelter and would meet him there for the evening! We thought it was about 5 miles to Greenwell Shelter so that is where we said we would be!

We reached Little Rock Shelter after about 10 miles. It was a nice shelter with a covered porch, picnic table, and a pond out front. We looked at the register book and Dabba Do left us a message that he stopped here and was heading to the next shelter which was Greenwell! He hoped to see us there for smores. We talked it over and decided to press on an additional 5 miles. It was already around 4:30 because the rest of the day was hiked with leisure.

The trail to Greenwell was a little more rough than anticipated. We had to go over White Rock Mt., which was Rocky and rough. We came to an area where people had built lots of cairns. It was very neat to see. Our hiker friends (OD, Baby Chicken, and Gunho) built Tiny Tiny one! It was in the shape of a big turtle of course!

We pressed onward and it was starting to get dark. We couldn’t move to fast due to the incline and obstacles of roots and rocks. My right knee was killing me. ┬áDreamer formed a couple blisters on the back of her heel. Poor girl! We were running low on water but knew Greenwell had a water source. We finally made it to Greenwell around 7. It was still light enough to get water filled, dinner made, beds laid out, and enjoy smores and good conversations with the other hikers. The water source was a small slow trickle of a spring. It took forever to get water! The place was full but we were able to get in the platform shelter. Shivers made it there before us but Lambs Quarter was still on the trail. His feet were horrible! Tiny Turtle learned he will walk an additional 5 miles just to get a smore!


4 Comments on “Day 8 on the Vermont Long Trail

  1. Nice pictures. What a view. Looks like you are all getting stronger every day too.
    In the busy world, most families don’t spend this much time together……but then, you’re not like most families.
    The Incredibles……that name does suit you.


    • We do love to spend time together as a family. Family time is very important. Sharing this experience with each other has been a blessing. We plan to continue these journeys and hope more of our family and friends will join us!


  2. The pictures are breathtaking, thank you for taking us on your journey. I look forward to every new post. Tell Dreamer to stay strong because this is a lifelong experience that many can only dream about. We miss you all very much, can’t wait for you to get home. Stay safe!


    • The pictures are breathtaking but they do not do the views justice. It’s strenuous to climb these mountains at times but when you reach the summit and look around then you forget your aches and pains because the beauty and peace is overwelming. I hope you have he opportunity to see these views first hand.


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