Day 7 on the Vermont Long Trail

We started the day with breakfast at the inn. As we left our rooms and walking down the hall towards the door I realized we didn’t have our trekking poles. Then it dawned on me that Sissy Bear and I both left our trekking poles in the trunk of the guys car that brought us to the Red Sled! Nothing we could do about it now. We were  not happy about this considering those poles really helped us on the trail and were not cheap! We also realized during packing that Sissy Bear left her rain pants on the trail when she changed because she was hot. Another moment of OH NOOOO!!! Again another expensive item lost.

We starting walking towards the trail and a couple minutes went by and a very friendly man picked us up to take us to the trail head. We found out he owns the Green Mountain House. He heard of us from some hikers that stayed with him the past few nights.

The trail was rough today. It was very muddy, wet, and slippery. We were moving slow. We made it to Bromley Shelter. It’s a platform shelter tucked away off the trail. It was a nice area. Baby Chicken left Tiny Turtle a song in the book. OD left him a get moving message! Tiny Turtle is loving it! He sang the song all day.

The song went:

I had a Tiny Turtle, I named him Tiny Tim, I put him in the bathtub to see if he could swim, he drunk up all the water, he ate up all the soap, now he is laying in a bed with a bubbly throat!

We finally reached the summit of Bromley Mountain. It felt like it wasn’t going to end today. Bromley is 3260 ft and we started climbing around 2000 ft. It was a push. The summit was very foggy. At the top was a ski area. The shelter was a nice area to have lunch. We packed up our left over pizza and ate it on the top of Mt.Bromley! The Incredibles had a pizza party!

It was tricky to find the trail down because of the fog. We found it and decreased in elevation only to go back to a sharp increase of 3394 ft, which was Styles Peak. It was still very foggy but the view was still gorgeous. Smiley caught up with us there! We were happy to see him! We are going to miss him when the trail splits off from he AT hikers.

Our journey continued to increase in elevation to 3429 ft, which was Peru Peak. This was another gorgeous site. We set on the Rock and enjoyed the view and conversed with the other hikers that came along. We then headed down to Peru Peak Shelter, where we stayed. We covered 10.4 miles today, which the majority was inclines.

The shelter was nice! It was a platform shelter, which are much better than the ones with the bunks because the noise and the mice are much less!  OD and Baby Chicken were at the shelter earlier in the day and left Tiny Turtle the frisbee they played with on the first day of our journey. OD wrote on the back, “For Tiny Turtle to play with his dad”! Tiny Turtle was super excited about this! We have just met so many wonderful people already and our hike is just beginning. Everyone has such a wonderful spirit out here.

We stayed in the shelter with 5 other hikers. The shelter had a bottom step area, which is where the 5th hiker stayed. The shelter sleeps 8 people normally. There was a platform set up for tents and then some regular tenting spots. Directly in front of the shelter is a babbling brook and a nice wooden walk bridge. It had a picnic table to the right of the shelter, which made dinner preparation easy. Sissy Bear is very helpful with after dinner dishes. She is enjoying herself this evening. She is writing in her journal and relaxing in her sleeping bag, watching the brook. It is very relaxing.

Smiley showed up and set up his tent. We had a nice visit with him. He taught Tiny Turtle some knots. Some he already knew but he listened and learned all he could. This is where we met Shivers and Lambs Quarter. Shivers reminds me of Luna from Harry Potter. They could be twins! We also met Nose Whistle and Mercury this afternoon. Nose Whistle got his name exactly how it sounds, he plays he nose whistle. I had never even seen one before. He had an extra nose whistle (in the package) and gave it to Tiny Turtle. It was hilarious because Tiny Turtle took to it easily. Sissy Bear on the other hand wanted no part of it! I can’t say I blame her.

It was an early night for all the hikers. About 7:30 everyone was laying in their sleeping bags and going to sleep. The moon was so bright. The babbling brook was very soothing. It was a peaceful night.




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  1. What a great family trip. Nicely written Mamma Bear. Thanks for taking us all with you on your journey.

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