Day 10 on the Vermont Long Trail

We packed up early today because we were geared up for a tough terrain up Mt. Killington today! We have been hearing the horror stories of the chew you up and spit you out mountain! Considering this is our first hike up the mountain we had no idea what to expect from it. With that being said, Family Mule (formerly Bo Bonzi) decided that the three of us should lighten our packs. He took the pots and pans along with the hygiene products and put them in his backpack, which is now called The Pig! That did not remove much weight from us but when backpacking every ounce counts.

We were aiming to have lunch at Governor Clements Shelter because it is right before the climbs starts. We came to a stream before reaching the shelter so we decided to have lunch there. We made a good lunch (pasta and potatoes) to increase calorie intake. Eating near a water source always makes the the after meal clean up more efficient! After lunch we proceeded the journey. We reached Governor Clements Shelter (.1 of a mile past the stream), which was a nice shelter. It had a fireplace inside with a mantle. The sleeping area is a platform, which is good!

We decided to switch up our climb plan. Tiny Turtle and Family Mule climbed together ahead of Dreamer and I. This worked great! Dreamer and I talked and made jokes the entire time. We had a blast. The climb was only 4.4 miles. We started the climb up at 12:09 and ended at 3:15.  That included a few mall break of course. The terrain was full of roots, switch backs, rock climbs, and some steep inclines. The views were good in parts. Overall the climb was not nearly as bad as anticipated. I am not sure if we feel this way because we were so geared up for a horrible climb that is seemed better or people just wanted to make it sound worse. Either way, if you get a chance to hike up Killington Mt. then do it.

We reached Coopers Lodge, which is at the top of Killington Mountain. When we arrived we were greeted by Shivers and Dabba Do, which had made it about 20 minutes prior. Coopers Lodge is a four sided shelter with bunks. Unfortunately people have put some vandalized it such as graffiti on parts and a broken bottom bunk. It is a shame because it is a great area. The shelter has a long picnic table inside and tent platforms behind it. We decided to tent camp and placed our tents on the side of the mountain verses the platforms. Our tent does not work with the platforms but we found a good spot!

Before setting up our tents we decided to drop our packs and head up the .2 miles to the summit, which is where the restaurant is located. Dabba Do hiked up the mountain with us. The .2 miles up the summit is a complete rock climb/scramble. It is steep and you must be careful. When we reached the summit the views were spectacular. Once we reached the summit, we met Molly! She was standing at the top looking around. It was funny because at first she just was staring at us but then finally asked if we were The Incredibles! She was told about us in prior days! This was great to hear. The kids just love when people make comments like this. Molly did not come to the restaurant with us but will be staying at Coopers Lodge with us tonight!

We continued around the summit after talking to Molly and found the restaurant. Warming: The restaurant is expensive! It was close to $20 for a 6 oz hamburger. We purchased 4 canned beverages, 1 cookie, and 2 mini ice-creams in a dish and paid almost $30.  On a good note, the restaurant had great views all around it. It also had water fountain, which can fit your smart water bottles for refilling. This is excellent because it saves you some work of filtering.

When we arrived back to Coopers Lodge, Molly had already made it down. We set up our tents and then started preparing a feast in the lodge. We had lots of food from our last supply that we did not eat. I decided to make a feast with the other hikers. I made pasta, noodles, and potatoes. No it is not like a Thanksgiving feast but its a hikers feast. We all enjoyed the food and great conversations. Then some trail magic happened! Two wonderful ladies showed up with Gatorade, Oreo’s, and a big bag of candy! It was a yummy desert.

The night was very windy. The temperature was cool yet comfortable. A good night for camping!




2 Comments on “Day 10 on the Vermont Long Trail

  1. We as humans do not realize the small things we take for granted until we no longer have them for example is the water fountain you mentioned. I thought with a name like the mountain had it was going to be a hike for sure….. 🙂


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