Day 11 on the Vermont Long Trail

We took a slow morning because we knew we did not have many miles to complete today. The fog was very thick and the wind was blowing. Even with the fog, the views of the trail was gorgeous. The fog gave the trail a new feeling. It felt like walking through a dream world. You could reach out and touch the fog it was so thick.

Dreamer and I walked behind Tiny Turtle and Family Mule. We enjoyed each others company. She has already lost a lot of weight. Her pants and shirts look so baggy right now. The internet said you should maintain weight on the trail or you are not eating enough but every hiker we talked to said we would lose weight. So far the hikers are correct. Plus the amount of calories you are burning in a day from hiking up mountains with a backpack would be hard to consume! Plus the extra weight of the food to increase the calories would be too much.

Siblings are expected to have some bickering on the trail, which is what happened today with Tiny Turtle and Dreamer. It was actually very amusing. It was over using a log as a seat. It came down to them both being tired but we recorded it to later show them how silly they looked.

About a mile from the road we met another hiker going south bound. He said there was some trail magic at the the road. This motivated Tiny Turtle to move very quickly. As we approached the road the terrain had some incline then crossed a creek with a small bridge. Tiny Turtle was so excited about getting trail magic, he jumped in the creek and washed himself off. When we reached the road, the disappointment of no trail magic overwhelmed Tiny Turtle. He started crying. We reminded him we are in the parking lot and heading for town for a resupply. That cheered him up.

We walked to the Inn at the Long Trail, which was towards Killington on 4 about a mile uphill. Road miles are not to bad! The road is extremely busy but don’t count on a hitch. Just walk it! After you reach the inn you can get a shuttle into Killington or Rutland, which has stores hikers generally are looking for.

The Inn at the Long Trail is a place I would highly recommend staying. They give discounts to hikers, have a hiker box, and they accept mail drops. We had our package sent there. We had 2 connected rooms with a bathroom  in the center including full breakfast for $109! They have a laundry area, which is $4. This was well worth it! The inn is built into the side of the mountain, which has the rocks exposed inside the facility. Inside the inn is an Irish pub with a bartender/server, who is phenomenal named Owen. He heard Tiny Turtle drop a fork from the other side of the bar, which had 43 people there (yes I counted them), and brought a new fork quickly!  They also have regular dining restaurant if you prefer a quieter setting. We had dinner in the pub with Dabba Do, Macgyver (formerly Molly), Shaggy, and Nada (Shaggy’s GF, which I hope I spelled her name correctly). They had a live band every weekend. Overall the atmosphere of the place is great!

Macgyver was named in this pub at dinner because she comes up with gadgets to make things work, such as putting seasoning in straws then burning the ends to keep it sealed and the moisture out. Also, her tent pole broke so she fixed it with her life straw! We are happy she is doing the Long Trail with us! Her enthusiasm is contagious!






2 Comments on “Day 11 on the Vermont Long Trail

  1. I am enjoying your updates so much, and love your nicknaming MacGyver :)….wondering if you are done the hike now? I think you had mentioned trying to finish by August 28th. Wishing you all well as you travel home and start the Back to School journey! Thanks for writing this Blog….it’s really great!
    Fondly, MacGyver’s Mom, Mary

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  2. Hi Mary! We finished on my birthday (August 28th) and arrived back in Indiana this morning at 3:30! I’m going to get the rest of the days updates ASAP. Not much signal on the trail. I plan on ordering some of your maple candy! 🙂


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