Day 13 on the Vermont Long Trail

We packed up around 6:30 am and heading across the street to the inn for a good breakfast with MaGyver. It was a delicious and filling. We met up with Shaggy after breakfast and headed on the trail. The trail starts directly behind the inn, which is convenient. No road walking today. We took the Sherburne Pass to the Main Junction. The terrain from the trail head to Main Junction was an initial climb with some up’s and down’s to Main Junction.

We left a note to Dabba Do and Gunho at the Main Junction, since last night was the last time we will see them but they have to pass through this spot. None of us realized it was going to be the last we saw of each other until this moment. This is when the AT and the LT split. A sad moment especially for Tiny Turtle.

From Main Junction to Rolstein Rest Shelter was about 5 miles, with fairly easy terrain. Family Mule found me a walking stick along the trail and carved it when we reached the shelter. Rolstein Rest is a nice platform shelter with a fire area in front. The water source is good. We had lunch there with Shaggy and MaGyver. Tiny Turtle was excited about the skittles MaGyver gave him. Its the small things that make kids happy!

After lunch we headed back on the trail. About 8.5 miles into the trail we came to a tree, which had fallen across the path. On the tree was a yellow jacket nest! Family Mule was leading and noticed it first. He then let the rest of us know. I was 2nd in line and headed around it, followed by Dreamer. Tiny Turtle decided to cross the tree! Before I could stop him the yellow jackets went after him! He was screaming frantically. Family Mule quickly dropped his pack and ran after him. He was yelling at Tiny Turtle to keep running as he was smacking the yellow jackets off of him. Dreamer and I dropped our packs and tried to help. Tiny Turtle plowed into Shaggy, who was running to find out what happened because he heard the load screams of Tiny Turtle down the path. The yellow jackets were finally stopped and we were able to get Tiny Turtle calmed down. It took some time. Luckily he is not allergic to bees! He ended up with stings on his head and legs mainly and a couple on his fingers. I brought kids Benadryl for things like this. A word of advice is to ALWAYS have a first aid kit ready. You NEVER know what may happen and it is best to be prepared. We put notes on both sides of the path warning people about the nest and to walk around it. I hope it doesn’t happen to anyone else.

MaGyver caught up us shortly after we calmed down Tiny Turtle. She said she heard the screams but couldn’t tell where they were coming from. We used her as a test hiker on the warning, which she did not see and almost walked over the tree herself. We stopped her though! She stayed along with us from this point. The terrain began to get more strenuous. Tiny Turtle was ready just to be done for the night and it was very hard to get him to keep moving. We were all moving extremely slow now. We came across some large muddy areas. Poor MaGyver fell right in! Her pole failed on her, which sent her forward and into the mud. We helped her out as she couldn’t get up. She took it like a trooper but she had the saddest look on her face.

We all continued onward. We reached David Logan Shelter after 13 miles. We decided to stay in the shelter tonight because everyone else was tenting anyway. The area has some good tent spots. The shelter had 4 bunks, table in the middle of the bunks, and an enclosed front side. The water source is fairly good. When we arrived, we met a hiker named Footsie and a hiker named Kim. Kim is a middle school counselor and super friendly. I feel so bad for her though. She has horrible blisters on her feet from her boots and her pack is huge!

Footsie inspired Family Mule to purchase the same water filtration system he was using at the next resupply spot. The filtration system he was using was a platypus and it rocks for a group. It filters a lot of water quickly and its hands free. You can set it up and walk away. The back flushing is simplified. We loved our Sawyer Squeeze but it is better for a single person verses the platypus, which is more for a group.

We had dinner inside the shelter. Shaggy made a campfire, which we all enjoyed. Tiny Turtle was the first into bed of course. He had a rough day. We all followed into bed shortly after. It felt like a really long day!


One Comment on “Day 13 on the Vermont Long Trail

  1. I saw your note and it saved me!! Thanks! Haha. Wow, this is so cool reading from your perspective because I was on trail at the same time as you. I think we technically meet each other on the next day from here, but I havent read it yet.

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