Day 12 on the Vermont Long Trail

We woke and had a delicious breakfast at the inn. The breakfast is part of the package and was more than we could eat! That says a lot for hungry hikers. We then packed everything up except what we decided to leave in the hiker box. We left lots of protein bars and hygiene products for other hikers. We didn’t need it and it may be just what someone else is looking for.

After packing up we heading across the street where the camp sites were located. We were staying in the camping area tonight and heading into Rutland to resupply. Rutland has many of the needed supply stores. Our Sawyer had lost a gasket so we were on the hunt for a new one. Water filters are essential when on the trail. Luckily the gasket was lost last night when we knew we were heading for a resupply the next day or we would have been in some trouble.

We caught the shuttle to Rutland ($2 per person and kids 12 and under are free). This was perfect! The shuttle drivers assume you are going to the Yellow Deli, which makes since for most hikers. The Yellow Deli is a hiker hostile and restaurant. The hostile is upstairs and the restaurant downstairs. The restaurant has elaborate woodwork and paintings. We went into the hostile to check it out. The have a side for woman, men, and upstairs is families. They have laundry and several hiker boxes. They had lots of hikers there. They told us they had 52 that weekend!

We met Dabba Do there! That was a nice surprise. We then went walking through the town looking for resupply places. The grocery store is easily located along with a Walgreen’s. The EMS outfitter is located in the mall, which I suggest taking the shuttle because its across town in the mall. The mall does not have many stores but lots of empty spots. After chasing down all our items we came back to the Yellow Deli (restaurant) and had lunch. Family Mule says the best sandwich he has had in his life was the Deli Rose! He highly recommends it. After we finished eating we saw Gunho! He showed up with his girlfriend! Tiny Turtle was very excited!

We then headed back to the shuttle to get back to camp. After arriving back to camp we played a family game of Frisbee and then went to the inn to have dinner with Macgyver. We wanted to get to bed early for an early start on the trail.





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